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The road network in Municipality of StipMapa_Stip_patni_pravci has a total length of 377,4 km from which 47,0 km (12,45%) are highway roads, 22,4km (5,94%) are regional roads and the remained 308,0 km (81,61%) are local roads. From the total road network of Municipality Stip 230, 4 km formed street network in the urban settlements. The remained 147, 0 km go to the roads which connect the settlements within the municipality. In Stip you can come through the highway M-5 (Stip – Kochani – Delchevo) which has a connection with the divided highway E-75 (Skopje – Gevgelija) thanks to the road Stip – Veles. There are the regional roads P – 601 (Stip – Mountain Plachkovica) and P – 526 which passes through the city itself and connects on the highway M-5. In plan is building a new road direction (Stip – Miladinovci) which will shorten the travelling to the capital Skopje.

Water supplying

The water supplying for communal and industrial needs on the area of Municipality Stip is done through captured sources from single local or group plumbing systems. The water supplying for communal and industrial needs is made by PD Isar with RU Water and sanitation with the activities: Production and distribution of water for drinking, collecting, purification and sewage disposal. Public water supply system was built in the city and in 4 more settlements (Tri Cheshmi, Karaorman, Dolani and Dragoevo). They are supplied from underground water which is a result from the infiltration of the river water of the river Bregalnica which through the hydraulic connection with the water-carrier beds is accumulated in the coast water basins.

From total 43652 citizens of the city of Stip on the water supply network are connected around 90 %.
The total number of the plug-ins is 12.791 from which 11.975 are for the households and 806 are for the industry.


Municipality of Stip includes 71 places with inhabitants. Among the valuable are: Baltalija, Brest, Vrsakovo, Goracino, Dobrosani, Dolani, Dragoevo, Edeklerci, Jamularci, Kalapetrovci, Kosevo, Krivi Dol, Lakavica, Leskovica, Lipov Dol, Ljuboten, Nikoman, Novo Selo, Penus, Piperovo, Sarcievo, Selce, Skandalci, Sofilari, Star Karaorman, Stepanci, Suvo Grlo, Sudik, Susevo, Tanatarci, Testemelci, Toplic, Tri Cesmi, Hadzi-Redzepli, Hadzi-Sejdeli, Hadzi-Hamzali, Creska, Cardaklija, Ciflik, Sasavarlija, Sopur.

NOVO SELO (New Village)

stara-arhitektura-01One of the oldest settlements in Stip is Novo Selo. Although there is no accurate data for the period of formation of the settlement, so it can be assumed that, as a separate settlement Novo Selo existed before the thirteen century. From the time of its formation, in Novo Selo, lived exclusively Christian population. This confirms the census of 1519, under which lived here 21 Christian families. During the

19-th century, Novo Selo, plays a key role in the awakening of national awareness among the Macedonian people, especially after teaching at Dame Gruev and Goce Delchev.


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