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Blagoj Bochvarski – biography

Blagoj Bochvarski was born on 09.01.1985 in Shtip. He was elected as a Mayor of Shtip on the sixth consecutive local elections in the Republic of Macedonia.

Previously in the early parliamentary elections in 2016 he was elected as a member of the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia.

He finished his elementary and secondary education in Shtip. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of “St.Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, and gained the scientific title “Graduated Engineer in Architecture”.

Since 2011 he has been working in the construction company Pelagonija Inzinering Shtip as a graduated engineer architect. His work includes design and construction of objects. First he works as an expert associate, and afterwards from the Chamber of authorized engineers and architects he gets authorizations to design objects and perform on objects. He works here until he gets elected as a member of the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia in December 2016.

In June 2017 he participated in the campaign for preventive work organized by SVR Shtip, which included members of the Ministry of Interior, parents of minor children, educational workers and associates from the Parliament of RM.

In November 2016 in Shtip he participated in the debate “Your voice is your right” organized by the NGO “Kham” Delchevo. He also participated on the Summit "Young Political Leaders Forum of China and Central and Eastern European Countries" held in Beijing, China in October 2015. In 2011 he becomes a part of the regional seminar for young leaders organized by "Friedrich Ebert" - Germany, "Course for promising politicians" held in Becici (Montnegro), Tirana (Albania) and Skopje (Macedonia). In 2010 he participates in the debate "Youth Political Dialogue" in Skopje.

He fluently speaks English and is well acquainted with the programs Auto Cad and Archi Cad. He also has a certificate to use the program 3DS Max.



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