PD Isar

Alonmg with the decision of the Council of the Municipality of Stip from 11 of March 1997 all the material and immaterial investments from the PD “Fortuna” are transferred to the PD “Isar”. The public department for communal-production and attentive works “Isar” is established because doing the commercial activities from the communal area from a public interest, and which is an irreplaceable condition for life and work of the citizens, the juridical people abd the state organs on the territory of the Municipality of Stip.

Juridical form: P.D. for communal production and attentive work

Data of foundation : 11.03.1997 year

Address: street .”G.M.Apostolski”No.37 Stip;R. Makedonija

Tel./fax: +389 32 391 125; +389 32 391 125; +389 32 390 477

Founder : The Municipality of Stip

Director: Grad. agriculture engineer Nikola Micevski

isar-water_supplyThe production and distribution of water and the conducting away of the waste water in the entire activity of the PD Isar is participating with 71,58%, the conducting away and lodgement of the waste and cleaning public traffic areas is participating with 18,59%, keeping up the green areas is participating with 3,40%, and the left activities with  6,43%. From a total of 43.000 citizens of the city on the water supply of the net are participating around 95 %, while on the drainage are participating around 90%.

Activities – Water supply and canalization

RE Water supply and canalization are making all the next activities for the public interest:  production and distribution of the water for drinking and conducting away of the waste water.

RE Water supply and canalization are making regular supplying of the city of Stip and the suburbia Tri Cesmi and v.Karaorman, as the villages Dragoevo and Dolani.

The maintenance of these systems is a continuing activity which was accomplished the employees after the pre-completed plan.

This working unit is maintaining the existing main and secondary canalization net in the city and the suburb Tri Cesmi.

RE Water supply and canalization is accomplishing work which is connected with projecting, building and reconstruction of the system for water supplying and the system for conducting of waste water.

Activities – Communal hygiene

RE Communal hygiene is accomplishing the workisar_higiena from the area of taking out, transporting and setting out the communal rough and technological waste in the Municipality of Stip as the maintenance of the public cleanliness in the Municipality of Stip. .

- Collecting of the waste

The collecting of the communal rough and technological waste will be done in special equipments:

- 5 containers with capacity of 1,1m3 arranged in the central city area

- 205 containers with the capacity of 5m3 arranged on the territory of the city Stip and in the industrial zone

- Trash cans from 80l distributed on the physical individuals.

- Taking out on the waste

The dynamics and taking out, transporting and setting down of the communal rough waste is made according with the consistence of the population, the amount and conditions about taking of the same one.

The physical bulk on the assignments is defined through registering of the housing, plots and industrial areas as the predicted transport means with which the work is done.

The dimensioning of the working hand is made on the basis of the average norms and through the recording of the working daily assignments and assessments of the norms.

- Setting down of the waste

The setting down of the waste is executed on the city dump for communal rough waste which is in the region Trestena skala. According with the operative plan of PD Isar- Stip for receiving of A integrated ecologic licence for 2009.

Undertaker service

- making mortuary services,

- arranging and maintenance of the graveyard,

- Building of the graves.


Sector fleet in PD “Isar”-Stip  disposes with:

• 35 regularly employed people

• 11 individuals employed on the contract from which

• 1 administrator

• 3 referents

• 1 responsible mechanic

• 31 driver

• 3 mechanics

• 1 electro mechanic

• 3 locksmith

• 1 washer and

• 2 regular workers.

Market and payment service

isar-pazar- Payment for the Market services

- Reservation of the points of sale

- Maintenance of the hygiene on the market

- Securing of the property on the Market

- Auto market

RE Greenery

PD „Isar“ Stip through RE Greenery and sportisar-park_zelenilo objects is achieving the activity arranging and maintenance of the parks, green and recreational areas and maintenance of the sport objects.

- Public city parks, alleys, squares, swards, flower areas, picnic places and suburb forest regions that are grouped in 8 regions.

Thermal bath Kezovica with dry cleaning

RE „Thermal bath Kezovica“ along with its activities is doing the next basic activities:

- provides conditions for bath swimming of the citizens;

- spending the night and residence of guests in their own accommodating capacities;

- laundering and ironing of bedclothes and every kind of clothes;

In the part of the bath swimming the bath disposes with female and male general part with locker-rooms and 15 separate shower cabins.

The accommodation part disposes with 12 rooms with total 32 beds and a common kitchen with dining room.

The complex disposes with their own laundry room and an ironing machine which are used for  one’s own needs.


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Phone: +389 32 391 125

+389 32 391 157

Fax: +389 32 392 671




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